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More Airbag Inflators Recalled By Takata


More bad news for Takata Corp., the Japanese company that supplies airbag inflators to a large portion of the auto manufacturer industry, and has experienced a mass amount of recalls in the past is rolling out yet another one. As per the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA), 2.7 million of their airbag inflators in the U.S. have been recalled.

This recall has occurred after the company found that their airbags have a probability of still exploding upon crash, regardless of the additional chemicals Takata added to make these products safer. The inflators that are being recalled were produced from 2005 to 2012 and were placed in Fords, Nissans, and Mazdas. For more information on the recall, consumers can check out NHSA’s webpage, where a recall notice has been posted.

Still, as most auto enthusiasts know, this isn’t the first time Takata has had to deal with this issue, and apparently it might not be the last. In fact, a much bigger one just may be on the horizon. Close to 68 million airbag inflators made by the company are being organized for a recall that will extend into 2019, as they could potentially erupt upon a collision causing the vehicle to spray drivers and passengers with metal shards.

Yikes! Something that has been meant to protect occupants could turn out to be extremely hazardous.

MSN reported that globally speaking, these airbags have been connected to 18 fatalities, as well as one that was revealed recently from Honda, who reported another incident in the U.S. that involved a 2001 Honda Accord that was parked. A man in Florida met his demise when an airbag inflator produced by Takata exploded – and as previously mentioned – the car was not moving. He was killed while repairing something in the car and using a hammer; sadly, there is no additional information on what caused the airbag inflator to explode.

While this happened in June 2016, Honda has stated they were only made aware of this, more recently.

Here’s hoping that Takata can iron out this situation and fast, so no one else gets hurt.