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Owner Of O.J.’s Ford Bronco Wants $750,000 For It


The news of O.J. Simpson being granted parole has been splashed all over the media as of late, and as relieved as the former football player is about this new revelation, there is one more man who may be just as happy about O.J.’s early release: that is, Mike Gilbert.

Gilbert happens to be Simpson’s former agent, and the owner of the white Bronco that was used during O.J.’s infamous 1994 police chase. After that chase, Simpson was arrested for the murders of Ron Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Gilbert, along with his two partners purchased the Ford vehicle from then-owner A.C Cowlings (some may remember him as the ‘driver’ in the getaway debacle). Regardless, the trio bought the car as an ‘investment’ at that point in time for $75,000.

According to reports, MSN reported that over two decades later, Gilbert is looking to make a return on said investment, scouting collectors as O.J.’s parole date comes closer. What’s the price tag? Reports are indicating Gilbert wants $750,000, ten times what he initially paid for it. It has also been reported that Gilbert has turned down an offer of $250,000 in the past – so, he’s clearly looking for a big cash-in. And he knows that the car is worth it, just due to its fame.

As Gilbert stated to ESPN recently, the Ford is the ‘second most-viewed’ vehicle within U.S. history, a close second to the Lincoln Continental, in which JFK was riding in when he got shot.
Still, despite its fame, the car had been sitting in a condo complex garage, where Gilbert’s partner resides for over two decades. It was on display in 2012, at the Luxor Hotel in Vegas during a sports-memorabilia show, then headed back to Gilbert’s garage for storage. Right now, as its owners wait for a payout, the car is on display at Tennessee’s Alcatraz East Crime Museum. Still, this is only a temporary location, should the vehicle sell.