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10 Best Luxury Cars Under $100K

When we look back in time and throughout our history on this planet, a pattern begins to emerge when you look at our development. Very often what was once started out as a need, or something that was intended to serve a secular purpose, have seemingly been glamourized, inflated, and almost idolized. Allow me to explain.

Men and women weren’t born with clothes. No, in fact we walked around naked for a fair bit of time that is until climates changed and out of a need to stay warm, we developed clothing. The same thing can be said about houses, or, what were once simply a place to sleep that was safe from the elements and predators. Food was once something to simply sustain us, nothing more, but now it is as diverse and indulgent as any vice could get.

No, things are quite different now. Houses are often oversized monstrosities, wasteful in every way, and clothes are inefficient, overpriced, and poorly made. And yet, one of the most essential possessions (arguably), that a person could own, it seems their car is among the list of their favorites – especially if it’s a luxury car.

The concept of luxury car seems so far departed from what the idea of cars would have been and envisioned in the minds of people 100 years ago. For them it was a tool, it was a way to bring crops and livestock into market, it was a way to travel great distances, and it was a convenience over other means of transportation. But a luxury? Far, far from it.

However, as society flourished, technology developed, and mankind prospered, looking back, it almost seems inevitable that such fancy would be created – and it comes at a premium.

Many people become infatuated with cars at a very young age. The design, the style, the power; there is almost too many things to name, but one thing is for certain, to most people, a car is viewed as a status symbol.

Driving a nice car shows a certain level of affluence and success, and much like you can tell the same time from a Timex and a Rolex, unquestionably, the two are not created equal.

With a saturated market and product offerings from every corner of the globe, the luxury car class is one that can very easily range from the expensive to the ridiculous, but in order to keep all of this quasi realistic, we have decided to do some research and put together a list of the top 10 luxury class automobiles under $100K, which also means that these are the most popular. This list will contain cars that many of us see on the road every day, which only acts as a friendly reminder to work a little harder, if that’s what your goal is.

So without further ado, and with the windows down and thee stereo up, we present to you the top 10 under $100K:


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