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10 Least Safe Cars of All Time


Cars were designed to make our lives easier, convent and ultimately better. Large distances became smaller, heavy loads became lighter, and industry and social aspects of society boomed. Not only that, but as the years progressed and the technology refined, these machines became more and more comfortable, more and more powerful, and ultimately, more beloved.

Cars have an entire culture around them, and the world we live in today has been heavily shaped by them, from the houses we live into the roads we drive on, the car is a consideration that is constantly present. However, with all of the great things that come with automobiles, it is important not to forget that these are big, heavy machines that we are operating and putting our faith in, ones that have many intricate working parts. Given all of these smaller parts working together, it isn’t difficult to imagine how when something malfunctions or something breaks, that the entire system to be thrown out of whack. The result – a potential catastrophe.

On average, in the United States, there is approximately 90 fatal car accidents every single day, and that isn’t accounting for the potentially thousands of other car accidents that happen each day with their own respective and possibly devastating results. While certainly, much of those figures can be attributed to human error and poor judgement, regardless, there is still a large portion that is the result of something inherently going wrong with the vehicle; mechanically, structurally, that can make an otherwise normal driving experience go from good to bad really quickly. But, what exactly can go wrong with a car to cause such wreckage?

Image you are driving along, let’s say on the highway, and you begin to come up to your off-ramp. However, as you approach and begin to change lanes, you notice that your brakes aren’t responding. Now what?

Or maybe we can revisit the same situation, but this time your brakes are fine. In fact, you are driving a brand new SUV, which you might think is the epitome of safety. However, as you make your turn on the off-ramp, suddenly you’re ‘safe’ truck begins to roll. Or maybe your engine suddenly caught fire while waiting at a red light; or perhaps after getting rear ended by another car.

All of those examples of potentially fatal situations are all true, and have all been attributed to different cars that we will discuss today. Safety in automobiles is a multi-billion dollar industry; however, sometimes, even the best intentions can miss the mark. So if you ever find yourself in a situation to drive one of these cars, you might want to think twice, as these are the 10 least safe cars of all time.