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10-Minute Charge Per 300 Km EV Range In The Works At GM

Electric vehicles (EV) are all the car rage right now, and automaker General Motors (GM) recently relayed its plans on prototype EV technology that will allow for close to a 300-km driving range after a mere 10-minute charge.

Moreover, this new technology won’t be limited to a certain new model, rather GM has stated that this EV project is being worked on in partnership with a Delta Electronics, as well as the U.S. Department of Energy, and a company called Delta Electronics, to deliver future electric vehicles that can meet the market demand for less charging times on these types of cars.

Reports around this project initially surfaced at the end of last month; however, Mary Barra, CEO for GM recently confirmed the auto maker’s participation within this project via an article on the social media professionals’ site, LinkedIn.

Using a high-voltage direct current port and solid-state transformers, the new EV charge system will provide a power of 400 kW, and be lighter, smaller, and much more efficient than the DC fast chargers offered currently.

GM has stated that a minimum of 20 new EVs will be added to the company’s lineup come 2023, so auto enthusiasts need to keep an eye out for the new charging technology to hit GM’s production debut in a minimum of one of these new models.

Autotrader recently reported that additional collaborators in the new project dedicated to quick charge include: the Centre for Power Electronics Systems at Virginia Tech University, Detroit power utility DTE Energy, Michigan Agency for Energy, and the Detroit Office of Sustainability, as well as a producer of solar windows know as Next Energy.

With one of the only downfalls around EVs being charging times and range, this quick-charge project should prove to be a ground-breaking one in the world of car manufacturing and automobiles.


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