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2017 Audi Will Tell Drivers How Long A Red Light Lasts For


Audi may be taking this new generation of smart cars to an entirely different level.

For those individuals nowadays, that living the rat race dream, a new techy function coming out from the 2017 Audi may just be a God send. Have you ever been rushing off to an important meeting, or appointment, only to hit every red light known to man? It can seem like you are waiting for that green to come up, forever; and it can also feel frustrating, stressful, and annoying.

Well, it seems that Audi may have a solution to all these red-light issues, with their new auto technology function, simply referred to as vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I).

MSN reported that the new technology will be featured in some of the 2017 Audis being released, and the V2I will operate to inform drivers on just how long they are waiting, when stopped at a red light. Information from municipal traffic signal systems will be sent in real-time, through wireless connectivity, directly to the Audi, which in turn, can help provide a ‘countdown’ to those driving the car, to let them know how long they will have to wait, until they get the ‘green’ to go. This function will not only help drivers to calm down during the red-light distress, but also provide an estimated time of arrival to their destination point.

This is a minor step when it comes to the V2I platform, which is anticipated to move quickly when it comes to the technology advancement aspect, in the next following years; especially when it comes to self-driving, and the paramount progression of communication between city infrastructure and autonomous-driving cars.

Regardless, this new techy function will be featured in Audi’s Q7, A4, and A4 Allroad models (those that have the Audi connect), starting in the fall of 2017. One small catch to this, though? The V2I platform will only work in some cities, with more areas to be added as time goes on.

It’s important to note, the company has yet to reveal which cities have been selected to support the new feature, when launched. Stay tuned, auto enthusiasts!