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The 2018 Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy Is …


… Can you take a guess?

Well, if that guess was the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, then you’d be correct!

Green Car Reports’ editors recently had to make a tough choice when it came to deciding on what auto was the most noteworthy new green vehicle model to hit the 2018 market next year. Their choice? The Pacifica, and the team took into account new technologies, impact on the environment, and the car’s impact when coming up with the winner.

The Drive reported that Green Car Reports’ Senior Editor, John Voelcker chimed in on the chosen one, stating the vehicle won because of its one-of-kind quality: it is the only seven-seater in the mini-van spectrum with a powertrain plug-in that will be sold in the United States come 2018. He added that the car offers a substantial electric range of about 30 miles or over (in most cases) and provides better fuel economy when it works as a hybrid.

It also happens to be the first mini-van ever that is offered as a plug-in hybrid EV. The Pacifica equals out to 84 miles each gallon when in electric-only mode and has 33 miles of range at all-electric.

Voelcker added that qualities that the Chrysler Pacifica have are incredible in basic models (its style, interior design, interactive displays, elegance, and plethora of family-friendly options within the vehicle). Still, he added that the plug-in hybrid option in addition makes the model, along with a price tag that is offset by an entire federal income tax credit, an exceptional one.

So, if you are green-minded and looking for a new vehicle come 2018, keep your eye out for the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. A mini-van might not be the car of choice for many, but it seems to have won over the editors over at Green Car Reports.