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2018 Honda Odyssey To Debut At Auto Show In January


This January 2017, the Detroit auto show will be debuting a new Honda Odyssey, the 2018 one to be exact. The company is promising that the minivan will showcase a redesigned style, updates on the powertrain, and some innovative features that are undisclosed by Honda as of right now.

However, if it is anything like the shop-vac the company placed in a minivan previously, and was the first brand to do so, the auto industry should perk up and anticipate something that is sure to wow.

Still, Auto News advised that the reports are indicating the basics around the 2018 Odyssey should be the same as previous ones. It seems the minivan will still have a 3.5 liter V-6 engine and ride similar as such. While Odyssey models are typically only front-wheel drive, there is a possibility that this fifth-generation Odyssey may have all-wheel drive. Only time will tell.

While today’s Odyssey has a 6-speed auto transmission, the newer model that is debuting in January should have the ZF 9-speed found in other Acura and Honda models … and higher trims.

Honda will need to debut something with a bang. It’s no secret that American car consumers seem to be reaching for utility vehicles as of late, as minivan sales saw a decline this year. Still, segment sales increased by 11% in November to 516,670 229 autos – however that rise was all due to the Nissan Quest, Kia Sedona, and Dodge Grand Caravan; where they depended largely on fleet sales. Sadly, sales around the Honda Odyssey declined by over 4% all of November to just over approximately 110,400.

The new generation Odyssey should hit the market by next summer. However, it should expect some competition from the Chrysler Pacifica minivan, which seems to be highlight in company’s lineup. Plus, the competition does not end there, as Toyota is also releasing an updated version of their Sienna minivan, set to hit the market at some point in 2017.