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$3.75 Million Engine Heist Takes Only Six Minutes


Hard to believe in this day and age of technology and security, but it seems that the Solihull, England Jaguar Land Rover factory suffered an over $3.75 million-dollar loss of engines at the hands of criminals recently. What’s even more shocking is the theft took a total of six minutes. The incident occurred on Tuesday January 31st at about 10:30 in the evening.

The theft did happen within view of security cameras. The criminals got into the factory, despite on-site cameras at the gates, linked a truck to a trailer that was holding the pricey engines, and simply drove away. Despite the quick timing (and thinking) around the heist, the same truck seemingly returned to the factory later in the night, linked yet another trailer filled with engine goodies, and took off with even more pricey parts.

What does Jaguar Land Rover think of all this? Well, it is being reported that staff of the factory are shocked by the theft heist. One source has stated that the entire plant is experiencing an ‘uproar’ about the entire incident.

MSN reported that a representative for the company has stated that Jaguar Land Rover is currently working with the West Midlands Police quite closely to look into the engine heist from the Solihull plant. The rep goes on to note that a reward will be provided to those who may have information around the theft, which leads to the return of the engines taken.

After the six-minute engine theft, it is being reported that police had located the trailers, but are still currently searching for the thieves responsible for the heist as well as those engines.

The Jaguar Land Rover rep has also made a plea, advising that anyone with information about the incident or the location of the engines stolen should go directly to the police in Solihull.
A true mystery on how these thieves got away with what they did, twice in one night. It had to have been a well-thought out plan, one that was organized to the very minute, and one that knew exactly what they were taking and where to find what they were taken. While the fact that they got on site with security cameras is mindblowing, the time it took to pull of the heist is even more uncanny.