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Lawsuit Between WWE’s John Cena and Ford Settled


WWE superstar and movie actor John Cena recently settled his lawsuit with auto giant Ford, regarding the sale of his Ford GT. The professional wrestler had signed a contract to hold onto the limited-edition vehicle for two years; however, he ended up selling the supercar before that date. John settled the lawsuit for an amount of money that was undisclosed, where the automaker is set to allot those funds to a charity.

Jalopnik revealed that John Cena’s legal team, Bush Ross, P.A. released a statement announcing that the mega star had reached a settlement with Ford around the sale of his Ford GT, despite the fact that Cena sold the car before the required 24 months of ownership. This resale restriction, which the statement notes is common when it comes to exclusive cars around the globe, was one element around an extensive selection process when it came to ownership to maintain the aura and passion that the Ford GT has.

Cena was quoted as saying that he loves the Ford GT and apologized to the company around the re-sale. Cena also encouraged others that own the vehicle to respect the obligations within the contract. He went on to note that he was pleased the matter was resolved outside of court and that a not-for-profit would benefit from one of the world’s most iconic vehicles.
The auto maker filed a lawsuit when the WWE superstar sold his car close after delivery, stating that Cena went against the program’s requirement that original Ford GT owners are obligated to keep the vehicle for 24 months post-purchase.

Five hundred owners were handpicked by Ford when it came to the $450,000+ GT, with a 647 horsepower. Owners were selected based on enthusiasm for vehicles and their visibility, with a concept that well-known owners would create increased positive media for the car and Ford.

John Cena ended up selling his Ford GT shortly after getting it to Chico, California’s New Autos Inc. dealership, going against the non-resale clauses within several contracts he signed to get the car.

Ford also launched a lawsuit against New Autos Inc. in November of 2017; however, that one is still ongoing. While it is unclear who ended up buying Cena’s Ford GT, Ford’s lawsuit against the dealership alleges that they specialize in selling vehicles to buyers overseas.