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6,000 Ford Mustangs Recalled Due To Door Issues


Everybody has different preferences when it comes to buying a new vehicle. Despite the fact that a large family may need a minivan, opposed to a single adult wanting a sports car, one common feature we all can agree on are doors that work. Moreover, one that won’t necessarily fly open while moving. This might best explain just why Ford has launched its latest recall on their new Mustangs.

MSN reported that approximately 6,000 of the 2017 Mustangs have been recalled due to a safety compliance; of those cars, 20 happen to be in Mexico, 266 are in Canada, and the rest are located across the United States. Affected ‘Stangs in the recall have build dates on them that land from January 13th to the 31st of this year.

So, what exactly is the issue? Well, it all hinges back (pardon the pun) to the door. As it seems, the handle on the inside of the door on the left side of the car (driver’s side) seems to have some issues around the return spring being placed in its sport correctly. Should that spring unseat, inertia takes over (which would be especially dangerous if a side-impact hit occurred), and the driver’s door could swing open. Should this happen during an accident, it enhances the risks of a driver being injured.

The good news is, Ford has caught this issue and launched a recall before any accidents, injuries, or fatalities have been reported. It also seems that fixing the issue won’t be too complicated. While the company didn’t offer any details around the fix, they do guarantee to service one’s Mustang as required, upon inspecting the handle of the door. It might mean replacing the door handle all together, or fine tuning that spring, but either way; the door will be fixed and it doesn’t seem like the recall will cause too much stress for those who own the 2017 Mustangs that are affected. Regardless, it is better to be safe than sorry.