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Over 9,000 Vehicles Affected In Latest Ford Recall


Ford has recently announced some recalls, which will affect about 9,100 cars with problems around the transmission, fuel pump, and braking system.

First and foremost, the company’s Lincoln Navigator and Expedition SUV models, as well as its F-150 trucks from 2018 are being recalled due to high-pressure fuel pump issues on their 3.5-ltr V-5 engines. This recall will affect over 7,500 Ford autos, where the issues are around insufficient welding between the fuel pump and mounting flange. The end result could be tired-out fractures that allow the pump to change position; resulting in a seal integrity loss around the fuel lines or cam cover. This could mean leaked oil or fuel that could cause a fire if an ignition source is present. It’s important to note, Ford has not received any reports around incidents or fires, but is asking for dealers to replace high-pressure fuel discharge tube or pump, as well as any other mounting hardware, voluntarily.

Secondly, Autofile reported that about 1,500 F-750 and F-650 pickups with hydraulic brake systems are being recalled due to a brake-hose protection plate missing. The missing plate could cause early corrosion, which would cause leaking in the hydraulic brake fluid, thus causing decreased effectiveness around braking, potentially leading to an accident. The good new is that Ford has not been made aware of any crashes related to this recall and is simply proactively trying to avoid any such mishap.

Lastly, Ford is expanding a previous recall linked to torque-converters on their six-speed automatics that fit two-liter four-cylinder engines. The automaker has added 27 more Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, and Ford Edges from 2017-2018 years to this recall. Problems can spring up from these torque-converters that have studs that aren’t sufficiently welded on and could detach; therefore, resulting in motive power loss. At a high speed, a crash could occur. Dealers are being asked to replace these converters on all vehicles listed in the recall.