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Adventurous Snake Slithers Out Of Car Air Vent


For anyone who suffers from ophidiophobia (a fear of snakes), this incident might scare the pants off you, as a story coming out of Florida as of late will have you feeling a little uneasy (and maybe even queasy). A female driver on a four-lane highway got the shock of her life recently, when a snake crawled its way out of the car’s vents, almost causing an accident.
Thankfully the driver had her wits about her. The woman simply drove off to the side, got out of her car, and closed the door on the slithery creature and waited until assistance and her husband came to help her out.

As Monica Dorsett states, she was driving on the highway when out of nowhere she saw a snake coming out from the air vent close to her left hand. She goes on to note that it took her a quick instant to come to terms that there was indeed a real snake in the car. Reports are indicating that the scaly beast, which was non-venomous, was of a red rat snake variety.
So, the incident has clearly traumatized Dorsett, and who can blame her. As the female Floridian driver notes, she will not be opening those air vents in her car for a while, thanks to entire ordeal that seems more like a scene from a movie then anything that would happen in real life.

It’s not crazy to hear of an animal making its way into a car’s inside, cats and rodents are infamous for that … but a snake? Guess anything is possible if a creature is curious enough.
No matter where you are heading to on the road, always be prepared. While anyone who takes long road trips will ensure they have all the essentials needed just in case the car breaks down, maybe it is also time to prepare for snakes or other reptilian creatures taking over your vehicle.

Think this can’t happen to you? Think again! CBS North Carolina news reported that some Raleigh high school students recently had a similar scare when a snake went across their car window! The lesson in this? Always be alert!