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Alfa Romeo Has ‘Electric’ Plans On The Horizon


With a rich history in sports cars, Alfa Romeo recently revealed some minor changes to its 2019 lineup. Its 4C now will be coming with rear park sensors, backup camera, as well as cruise control as part of standard equipment. New stand-alone options will include race-tuned suspension. Meanwhile, its Stelvio model will have Android Auto/Apple CarPlay and its Giulia will be available with a third, rear headrest seat; which are all considered small changes by any account.

Still, there is some big news for Alfa Romeo when it comes to what’s on the horizon beyond 2019 for the car company; seven refreshed or new models between now and 2022, six which will be provided in a plug-in hybrid variety that offer 50 km driving range (electric only), with all these new Romeo models set at Level 2 and 3 self-driving technology.

Alfa will get things going with a refresh of the Stelvio and Giulia, introducing long wheelbase models of both vehicles. Romeo is set for two completely new crossovers: one being full-sized, the other compact.

A four-seat coupe stemming from the Giulia will be placed under a GTV return, with all-wheel drive, 50-50 front-rear weight distribution, as well as 600-horsepower engine boasting the use of Alfa’s E-Booster; which happens to be an electric turbocharger, providing a 25% power hike while taking away all turbo lag.

Last, but not least, revealed that a re-invention of Alfa 8C is on the horizon, with a layout of twin-turbo gas engines for this super sleek race car. The company promises 700+ horsepower and 100 km per hour in three seconds that is sure to have any driving enthusiasts spinning!

Seems like Alfa Romeo has plenty of electric ideas on the horizon for its lineup, and it will be interesting to see how the public reacts to all these incredible new and refreshed models in the coming years.