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Amber Mobility Boasts Of Car-Sharing EV, Lasting 1 Million Miles


As the environment continues to be on top priority for many in this day and age; so is the ever increasing popularity of battery-powered vehicles. As such, the Netherland’s Amber Mobility is making some pretty high claims about a new electric car they have designed, that is currently in the making. The Dutch company is stating the EV, which has been named Amber One, will give car owners a lifespan of approximately one million miles. Partnering up with ABN AMRO bank and Athlon (a leasing company), Amber Mobility has poured about 67 million dollars of its own cash, turning this idea into a reality.

Amber Mobility’s EV will offer car owners approximately 250 miles each single-charge, and can speed up to a maximum of one hundred miles per hour. The car, which is estimated at about 1,400 pounds, is said to have a modular design that includes self-driving features. To boot, the company is tooting that Amber One will drive from zero to 60 miles per hour in approximately seven seconds. Still, while Amber Mobility won’t go into further details about the car, they did reveal that it has been built with a focus on car-sharing; and the vehicle actually won’t go on sale.

And this is where everything gets really interesting.

MSN reported that one aspect of Amber Mobility’s angle with this car-sharing idea is that generally an automobile sits idle for most of day, being used about hour for whatever the owner may need (whether that be commuting for work, errands, or simply getting from point ‘A’ to ‘B’). With this in mind, Amber One could offer huge savings for a savvy consumer. Rather than leasing or purchasing a car, which can be quite costly, a consumer could buy into a car-sharing subscription which would equal out to approximately $160 each month – or 33 euros weekly.

Amber Mobility has further thought this idea through, ensuring that they enter markets with enough of these Amber One cars, so that each individual that buys into a subscription is about a 30-minute walk from their car.

Production, on a ‘small scale’ of course, for Amber One is said to start in 2018. The car will roll out in Eindhoven, the city where Amber Mobility is based out of (which is just north of Amsterdam, by approximately 80 miles), and expansion to other cities is part of the plan, thereafter.