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Apple Recruits Top Tesla Engineer; EV To Follow Suit?

Huge news in the auto industry, according to, tech giant Apple recently recruited top engineer from Tesla, who used to head up electric powertrains. The move has everyone in the auto world scratching their heads and pondering if this means the company has plans to develop an electric vehicle (EV) within its roster.

Multiple sources have corroborated claims that Apple has snagged the former Vice President that oversees electric powertrains at Tesla, Michael Schwekutsch. It seems that Schwekutsch will get the title of “Senior Director of Engineering at the Special Project Group” at Apple, a division that encompasses self-driving vehicle technology.

While this new employee to the Apple roster might not secure that a new car is on the horizon for the tech giant, the facts lay in that Schwekutsch only real area of expertise is electric powertrains.

Schwekutsch role at Tesla saw him as a vital member within the Tesla Semi and second-generation Roadster teams. Prior to that role, he worked at a variety of other auto manufacturers, assisting in the development of some established hybrids and EVs, such as: the Fiat 500e, Porsche 918 Spyder, BMW i8, plus much more.

It’s also important to not that Schwekutsch isn’t the only Tesla staff member Apple has snagged. Bob Field, former engineering executive for the company, joined the tech giant in 2018, and rumors are swirling around that other new hires stemming from Tesla are set to join the Apple team and soon.

It’s hard to ignore that Apple recruiting employees from Tesla could mean we all could be on the cusp seeing car (an EV, potentially an autonomous-driving one at that), with a particular fruit branded on it. Having said that, no one truly knows what’s up Apple’s sleeve at this point, and all these new hires could be part of a larger plan the tech giant has in store for the world.

Stayed tuned to your iPhones folks, this could be big.


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