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Are Dog Seat Belts Necessary?

If you have one of those adventurous dogs that just adores going everywhere with you, then you really should keep them safe when they’re riding around in your vehicle. Our pets are treated like family in millions of homes across the globe, and many don’t like leaving their furry kids behind to be lonely in their home all day so they they allow them to tag along with them for the day. You know the happy expression on their faces when you lead them to the car and open the door and they cannot get in fast enough just to keep you company? They love being with you, and in return for their tried and true loyalty you absolutely must keep them safe while traveling on the road.

Most people just toss their pet in the car and don’t really think much about it, right? Well, just because there isn’t a ton of laws like child car seats in place for traveling with pets, doesn’t mean that their safety isn’t just as important. Some cars and trucks now come with belts that can be attached to a dog collar or leash, but for the ones that don’t you can either buy a dog belt on websites like Amazon, or you can even create a custom one just for your pet!

Dwayne Caruth from Colorado who is a former EMT and firefighter saw all too well what the outcome can be if a pet isn’t securely fastened in a vehicle that’s involved in an accident. He decided to take matters into his own hands by creating Big Dog Seat Belt Company, where he can modify a belt specifically for your pet’s height and weight that is sure to keep them safe and sound on those beloved car rides. Everyone loves having the companionship of their furry friends aboard for a road trip or even just a quick ride to the local store. Do it with safety in mind by helping your dog stay in place during the ride with a seat belt and continue to hit the road with some peace of mind.


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