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Arnold Schwarzenegger Helps Presents Electric-Powered Hummer


Kreisel Electric, based out of Austria, has undoubtedly pleased Terminator actor and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger by developing an electric-powered Hummer H1. With 360 kilowatts/483 horsepower, the vehicle has a driving range of 186 miles/300 kilometers thanks to its 100-kilowatt-hour battery.

Schwarzenegger was on hand to help present the new SUV, at Kreisel Electric’s recent opening of their new research and development center, located in Rainback, Austria. He stated that the company first electrified the G-Class (last winter) and now it has done the same with the Hummer. He added if they keep it up, he would soon be flying to Austria from L.A. on an electric plane.

Anything is possible in this day and age!

Motor 1 advises that while the H1 is simply a prototype meant for the off-road, it’s important to note that the SUV is the result of only two months of developmental work. Weighing in at over 7,200 lbs (that’s about 3,300 kilograms) there is an electric motor on both the rear and front ends of the Hummer. It’s being reported that the company’s tech allows the large SUV to hit 75 mph (120 kilometers). Wonder if Arnold approves?

The new research and development facility for Kreisel spans over 75,000 square feet and includes a small area for manufacturing as well s a workshop. The center will staff over 200 employees by 2018.

Prior to the H1, the company worked on some intriguing projects. Recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Kreisel’s tech was at the Brabus Ultimate E Concept, which created 201 hp plus 258 pound-feet of torque with only 100 miles of range. Kreisel also added an electric powertrain into a Porsche 910 replica, giving the vehicle a torque of 483 hp/568 lb-ft.

Still this isn’t the first time Schwarzenegger has dealt with a Kreisel vehicle. In the past, he has tested the organization’s’ electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

And if they continue with projects such as this one, surely he’ll ‘be back’ to test another again.