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Auto-piloted Telsa Model X Hits Police Motorcycle


Autonomous vehicles are all the rage these days, as the race continues to see which car company will be the one to release a self-driving car on the market first. Still, a story from Arizona may just place a small wedge on that idea for Telsa.

It is being reported that an Autopiloted Telsa Model X came close to running over a cop on a motorcycle near the end of an off-ramp highway in Phoenix. The police officer on the bike left the Black Canyon Freeway and was apparently in front of the Telsa. The cop made a stop at the lights near the end of the ramp, to merge on Utopia Road. The Tesla Model X came to a stop too, behind the cop, and then unexpectedly moved forward. The cop ran off his bike and the Model X hit the motorcycle while it sat on the ground.

While the incident may not be good news for Telsa, the silver lining is, no one got hurt and neither the bike nor the car was damaged.

MSN advised that the driver behind the wheel of the Telsa Model X stated to police that the car was on Autopilot during the incident, however, officers have not been able to confirm this and Telsa has yet to comment on the situation. According to the company’s website, the Model X does transition its control back to the driver when leaving a highway, so perhaps this is a valid explanation around why the crash occurred.

While the information on this was released by police this week, the accident actually occurred on Tuesday, March 21st, days prior to an autonomous Uber SUV accident that occurred close by in Tempe. Uber has continued its testing recently, after further investigation determined the incident was a result of something the other driver did.