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Bentley Abandoning Leather For Vegans


Could news for vegans that also happen to be auto enthusiasts! When it comes to interior leather, Bentley is famous for using about 20 animal hides within the inside of their vehicles to create that luxurious-looking interior. Still, Stefan Sielaff, the company’s Director of Design, recently stated that Bentley is looking to alter this if a client does not desire real leather within their automobile.

MSN reported that as a speaker during a Financial Times event, Sielaff stated the company Mulliner sector is planning on alternative solutions for the interior of their cars to adhere to vegan clients. As he states, a company like Bentley cannot sell a product that contains animal hide to a vegan. He goes on to state that Bentley clients, many in the state of California, are asking the company what other solutions they can offer that will fit into their lifestyle. He added that Bentley does coach-built and custom made interiors to work with clients due to this ever-popular trend.

He also noted that the company has plans to offer vegan-interior Bentleys, providing a luxury feeling with a differing option: mushroom leather, protein leather, or jellyfish options.
Also, referred to as pleather, protein leather stems from oil, formed in plastic; whether that be from polyurethane or PVC. The plastic comes together via a backing of fabric. Muskin is another name for ‘mushroom leather’ and comes from mushroom caps. It is tanned by chemical-free activities and is a vegetal leather that is biodegradable; meanwhile jellyfish material is a biosynthetic composite.

Interesting enough, it is important to note: while vegan clients may raise their eyebrows when it comes to Bentley’s use of animal hides, they have zero issues as it relates to their 5,4000-pound SUVs, with a horsepower of 600. Still, at the end of the day, the more options the company provides clients and their lifestyles, the better it is for said organization, in the long run.