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Best-Selling Sports Car Of 2016? Ford Mustang!


Who hasn’t admired the Ford Mustang over its tenure? Owners of the car (and wishful owners alike) love its classic style, evolution, and power. For about half a century now, the Ford Mustang has been one America’s most popular cars. Still, it’s known worldwide as a ‘muscle’ vehicle and recently it was announced by the company as the best-selling sports car of last year.

In fact, the company reported a worldwide increase of sales for the ‘Stang by six percent last year, when compared to the year before. Right now, the vehicle is sold in about 140 countries, with six additional ones to be added quite soon. Over the past two years or so, the company has sold about 98,000 Mustangs across the United States. World figures see that there has been a total of 158,000 of these cars sold around the globe. As per a press release, since 2015, Ford has created over 395,000 units of the car.

MSN reported that Mark Schaller, Ford Mustang’s Marketing Manager revealed, the car’s legacy continues to grow in areas never reached and the company will remain committed to making it available in newer markets. He added that drivers in these new markets continue to respond with approval.

As per the company, over the past five decades, Mustang has turned into the best-selling sports car in the United States, and currently with the momentum it is feeling globally, the vehicle now can tout a new title of being the ‘best in the world’.

A huge congratulation goes out to Ford and the Mustang itself. This classic vehicle has evolved incredibly over the years and has turned into a truly iconic car when it comes to the world of automobiles. If you haven’t owned a Mustang yourself, you probably have ridden in one, had a friend own one, or wanted one yourself. Here’s to continued success, Ford Mustang!