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Buick To Debut Electric Concept


In North America, Buick seems to have a bit of an issue around image; moreover, people tend to view the brand as something for an older generation. So much so, that the company is planning on taking its name off their vehicles come next year. While the young in the West may fluff up their noses to the Buick brand, the company’s image, and how they are viewed, is quite different story when it comes to China. In fact, the brand reportedly sold 1.2 million cars in 2017 within this market.

Therefore, it makes it no big surprise that Buick recently announced an electric concept for the country, as electric vehicles (EVs) are huge in this area of the world.

Jalopnik recently reported that the name of the electric car is Enspire! And it is being reported that the concept is set to debut in Beijing, later in April. The launching of Enspire is one more step in Buick’s plan to further their push in China, which is seeming where the company’s future is at. It’s important to note that at this point in time, Enspire is simply a concept, but General Motors (GM) has recently announced it plans on launching 20 new EVs by the time 2023 hits; which means that Enspire is most likely the first of many more electric concepts to come down the pipeline for Buick.

The brand did not release much more information about Enspire, or what it may look on the inside; however, a teaser photo of the (round) rear-end of the vehicle was released to mixed auto reviews among the industry.

Will Enspire, or a version of the concept, ever hit North American markets? Hard to say. Still, according to reports, GM did gain access to the Enspire trademark approximately three years ago, so, you never know.