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In-Car Coffee Machines For Caffeine Lovers ‘On The Go’


Who couldn’t use an in-car espresso machine for those long commutes into work or a fun weekend road trip? One sure could come in handy for those times you can’t find a decent coffee joint while you are out and about?

The Handpresso to the rescue! This contraption is an espresso machine you can simply hook up to any 12-volt cigarette lighter in a vehicle. It can also sit easily in the cup holders of most cars. Officially released in 2008, the company has launched the newest of new in portable coffee making, where drivers can use Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods or ground espresso (for those who are fancy enough).

MSN reported that it’s retailing at a little over $160 dollars U.S., and it may seem like an expensive buy; but, if you are on the road a lot, getting your espresso fix at coffee shops … you may end up saving money with the contraption. It’s important to note that 150 ESE pods go for just over $48 dollars U.S.; depending on the brand you buy.

Much like the Tassimo or Keurig ready-to-go coffee, you will need to ensure you have your Handpresso filled with water before using (about 50 ml to be exact), and if you do buy this handy-dandy mobile coffee maker … make sure you stock up on the pods and ground coffee! Nothing worse than running out of these things when you need it the most!

The espresso takes about two minutes in total, before an individual can enjoy the caffeine jolt that is sure to follow. The Handpresso comes with an 88-page manual to help you sort out the ins and outs of usage. One of the first things it advises before making your espresso is to ensure that your vehicle is stationary and not in use, with the engine off, and the parking brake off. Too much to write in a manual? Maybe so, but with drivers using their smartphones and putting on makeup while driving; is the idea of someone making coffee while go too far-fetched? We think not …

Is Handpresso a tad noisy? Apparently so, but without any shaking and carry on, how can someone expect a well-made espresso?

At the end of the day, especially for those in need of a caffeine fix regularly, this gadget might be a must-have for those who always find themselves on the road. Is it needed for every car? Probably not, but it would make a fine car accessory for those drivers that are addicted to their espresso, and looking to impress.