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Check Out the Latest Car Apps and Stop Using Car Keys

At times, it certainly seems as if technology is moving way too fast. Phones that can guide you to anywhere in the world via GPS, to apps that can diagnose your illnesses, it’s not terribly shocking that now we have apps to replace our car keys as well. Some people dread taking car keys with them, especially those that are always running or engaging in outdoor fitness where finding a spot to hold their keys can be trying. Take a peek at the newest apps that Computer World featured in a recent post:

The MB Companion- Mercedes-Benz company has always been right at the forefront of up to date technology; and their newest tech savvy app reiterates that. It provides door to door GPS whether you are driving or just trying to locate your car in a parking lot. They are tweaking the app as we speak to make additional upgrades to it such as notifying the driver of how much fuel is left, and alerting you of any maintenance issues.

The BMW i-Remote- This is primarily designed for the i-series hybrid model, but most would presume there will be more to come as far as apps for the BMW lineup in the future. The app currently permits the user to do everything from control the climate inside the car to opening the doors and locating the vehicle.

The Porsche Car Connect- This app is designed to work well with the Cayenne, Macan, 918 Spyder, and Panamera. It features everything from folding in the side mirrors with the touch of a button, to checking the pressure left in your tires! It also does everything else the others do such as car location, locking the doors, and controlling the climate of the car.

Volkswagen Car-Net- The app is pretty advanced, which is not surprising coming from the German creators. It features abilities such as what your speed limit is, geofencing, and climate control.

While these are all amazing and prove that technology is blazing through the 2015 year, these particular apps are only compatible with the Apple watch. The watches are still growing in popularity, and haven’t exactly taken over the need for smart phones as of yet, as once presumed many years ago. Time will tell if we will all be telling our cars to come get us (circa Nightrider) via watch, or if we will continue to see the improvements and updates being made to get the best smartwatch and apps that suit our cars.


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