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Chevy Cruze and the Toyota Camry are the Most Popular Rental Cars for Travelling


Renting a car has really never been easier to get you around in a new city, or even just for a weekend trip locally. In past years, you had to have good credit, a credit card, and pay for all sorts of fees and insurance coverages that most never even really needed. Now, even if you have no credit whatsoever or don’t have a credit card, you can still rent a car. The rental car company Enterprise for example, will allow most to rent with a debit card, and a paystub, as long as you pay the rental fees upfront first. Another factor to get the most bang for your buck when renting a car is to get a smaller, more compact model to get great gas mileage; this is where the Cruze and the Camry come in handy!

Even though the auto industry is making a massive comeback, there seems to still be more of a profit margin for SUVs and pick-up trucks, leaving the smaller sedans in the dust. So, what happens to these cars? Quite a few of them end up going to rental car facilities for you to use when you’re out of town! Experts report that roughly 20% of the midsize cars end up in the rental fleets, which may be very useful for the rental companies, but financial data shows a different picture. The auto industry by constantly pushing these models to the rental business feel that a big portion of the market is being artificially supported by these actions.

The Wall Street Journal feels auto makers are faced with a tough decision in coming years; do they continue to produce these smaller car models and take the risk of them not selling to actual buyers each year, but being sent to the rental car fleet lots? Or do they just stop production on the cars; time will tell but for now they certainly provide a great means of getting around as rental cars with cheap fuel mileage, and a smooth ride from point A to point B!