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Coming Soon To Netflix: Fast & Furious Animated Series


For those who can’t get enough of the Fast & Furious franchise, here’s some good news: DreamWorks Animation, in collaboration with Netflix, are working on developing an animated series version of the highly-popular flicks, coming to a television set (or mobile device of your choice), near you!

Heads up, Fast fans – it won’t have the characters you have grown to love over the years from the movie franchise; however, it will have some of their family members.

So, Hobbs and Toretto won’t be around, but the animated series will revolve around Dom’s teen cousin, Tony Toretto. Tony and his friends are sought out by a government agency who wants them to go deep into a racing league, which happens to be a front for group of criminals who want to take over the world.

Seems pretty close to the movies, right? Okay, maybe not … recently advised that the Vice President of the kids and family division of Netflix, Melissa Cobb, chimed in on the Fast-animated series stating that the franchise is a phenomenon globally and loved by viewers of all ages. She went on to note that they can’t wait to hit the ground running on this new series that will capture the heart, humor, action, and worldwide appeal that the Fast & Furious movies have.

So, would Vin Diesel or The Rock approve? It’s hard to say, and it’ll be interesting to see just how audiences receive this series. The movie’s franchise has earned over five-billion dollars (that’s in U.S. dollars, folks) in the theaters, and there are two addition flicks, as well as a spin-off film, already on the horizon.

Fast fans, stay tuned; you’ll be able to ‘Netflix and chill’ once the series debuts, which is set for some time next year.