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Contractor Digs Up Area, Finds Classic Cars


Car enthusiastic love their classic vehicles, whether they stem from the 1960s, ‘50s, ‘40s, or 30s. Which makes this auto story stemming from North Carolina that much more interesting. A contractor from that neck of the woods was recently hired to clear out a property and demolish an old building, and when David Mount started the job, he was not too prepared for what he would end up finding.

Interestingly enough, Motor1 reported that it was his daughter who found the first of the classics, a vehicle lingering in the basement garage of the building. While only the headlamps and grille were seen at first (under a stack of debris), when the two dug it up, a 1933 Plymouth roadster was discovered, with suicide doors and all.

This little gem created an interest to find more, and the daddy-daughter team began their search. When all was said and done, the two unearthed about ten trucks and vehicles in total. Some finds to note were: a 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe sedan, as well as a roaster built on a 1930s Ford chassis that had a Flathead V8.

As interesting as these vehicle finds were, what was even more incredible was that the owner of the property did not want to keep the classic cars for himself, and David and his daughter were able to claim their findings. Mount did state that some of the vehicles were too worn out to keep, and then there were some that had a glimmer of hope within to salvage. David’s daughter had her eye on the Plymouth, if anyone is curious!

Currently, there two speedsters that aren’t identified, and the public is encouraged to visit a Facebook group page set up to help figure the models out, or even just join in on some social media auto conversation!