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Couple Crushes ‘Lemon’ Dodge Journey With A Tank


What do you do when you are unhappy with a vehicle purchase? According to a couple in Australia, you simply crush it with a tank.

Seems unbelievable, but that is exactly what Australia’s Kate and Joe recently did – and interestingly enough, they captured the entire event on video. Apparently the couple had been battling the Australian division of Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) for about three years now, believing that a Dodge Journey they purchased was nothing but a lemon. The couple stated that they began having problems with the vehicle, only two years into ownership, and they were quite unhappy with the FCA’s response to them. The two also stated that the Competition and Consumer Commission in their country advised FCA in September of last year to launch a ‘consumer redress program’ to assess how the company has taken care of past complaints, due to the amount of grumbles by the public.

According to Kate and Joe, over the three years they owned their Journey, the vehicle had problem after problem when it came to the mechanics, including a blown head gasket, an overheating engine thanks to a crack in the reservoir, battery problems, oil leaks that flowed into the cooling system of the vehicle, windows that rolled down randomly, as well as cracked engine mounts. The two go on to explain that Australia’s FCA did not move forward to assist them with these problems, and they ended up paying for these breakdowns on their own.

MSN reported that while they could have passed the problem onto someone else, by simply selling the car; the couple opted to do something else. That is, simply crush the vehicle from existence by using a tank.

One day prior to crushing the car, the FCA placed a call to the couple, offering one more inspection. Kate and Joe declined, believing the company was trying to stall them from the big crush event. Sadly, the FCA did try to tell media that the couple rejected the inspection, despite the fact that the vehicle had already had three inspections, prior to this last offer.

So, the crushing went on as planned, in a park, where the Dodge Journey was mashed into a pile of metal scraps. Kate, Joe, and their daughter were able to grab some pieces of their old vehicle, to take home as souvenirs.
While the crushing event was an incredible watch, the motives behind it were aimed at increasing awareness around Australia’s lemon laws. Kate and Joe believe some are needed to offer additional protection to consumers from larger corporations, dealers, and importers.

For those who love their social media, a page on Facebook has been created, to raise awareness around stronger such vehicle-purchasing laws, in Australia.