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Disneyland’s PeopleMover Sells For Close To Half A Million Dollars


The PeopleMover attraction, enjoyed by many at Disneyland in California for nearly 30 years, was a transport that offered visitors of the theme park an overview tour of Tomorrowland. While the attraction itself closed in 1995, it seems that the little, open-air cars are still lingering around 20 odd years later. What’s even more surprising, is the fact that they are worth a pretty penny, to some.

According to Mercury News, the PeopleMover transport, which is really a two-car unit, recently sold at a Los Angeles auction for just over $471,000. Van Eaton Galleries, the auction house that sold the PeopleMover unit, provided some interesting history on the attraction. First off, out of the 13 car units that are still in existence, none have a driving chassis that contain wheels and suspension. The set sold at the auction house actually had a chassis created from original specs, in order to enable the vehicle to move on its own.

Additionally, cabin lights were added to the roofing, using reading lamps from a 1976 Rolls-Royce. Van Eaton also reports that the PeopleMover system has probably seen approximately 1 million Disneyland park-goers in its time; estimating this number by going back from the total number of passengers served during its lifetime.

While the attraction has been closed for a while now and is long gone, Disneyland still has the ride’s tracks in place, and the park recently hinted that it could be used again at some point in time. A system that is similar to the PeopleMover attraction is still currently used at Disney World in Florida, so there may be way to still enjoy this ride, without having to pay a cool (or close to cool) half million dollars to experience.