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Dodge Removes “RoadKill” Hashtag Twitter Posts


Sometimes we all regret what we’ve posted on social media, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Dodge recently felt the heat when they promoted some drag races on the same day that someone driving one of the cars took the life a protester and about 19 other individuals, during the terrible incident that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The final four tweets on the company’s Twitter handle had the hashtag #RoadkillNights, something that was meant to promote a race series taking place close to Detroit; an event the company was sponsoring. That was until Tuesday afternoon when they were removed, days after a man took his Dodge Challenger and drove it into a group of counter-protesters aimed against a Charlottesville white supremacy and nationalist rally.

Some of the brand’s Twitter followers, which stands at over 740,000, as well others on the social media platform scrutinized the company for allowing those tweets to stay on their handle, considering the events that occurred recently. The Detroit Red Wings and TIKI released statements the Saturday the tragedy took place, to denounce what had happened during the white nationalists’ rally and distance themselves from the situation. Why? Well, the group were carrying TIKI torches and signs with the Red Wing’s logo on it (altered with swastikas); sadly, Dodge had remained quiet about the entire incident, and social media users had no issue calling the company on their delayed reaction.

In fact, many people thought it was in poor taste that the company was using the #RoadkillNights hashtag, as it was quite similar to the events that had occurred, and the car used was a Dodge.
Owned by The Enthusiast Network, Roadkill is a magazine, television show, and website; and Dodge is their primary sponsor. The company has also yearly sponsored their Michigan’s Woodward Avenue drag races for past three years now. Fiat Chrysler did comment via email, stating that it was unfortunate that a safe and family oriented auto event was connected to this terrible act.

Autonews advised that Roadkill took the opportunity to post something on their Facebook page the Monday condemning the events that occurred in Charlottesville.