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Driver Attacked By Chauffeur During Road Rage Incident

A recent road rage incident crossed the line in California, when police were called to the 405 freeway, as a motorist was being attacked by a chauffeur. The victim, Shahnam Asbaghi, stated the incident started when a GMC Yukon was tailgating his vehicle. It happened while he was travelling the 405 North, and was so terrible, Asbaghi decided to take an early exit off the freeway.

However, that did not stop the Yukon.

Asbaghi stated that the Yukon followed him off the exit, and rear ended his car, when they hit the bottom of the ramp. The victim goes on to say the ramming of his car was at about 25 to 30 mph. After the Yukon hit Asbaghi’s car, the chauffeur proceeded to get out of the truck, walk over to the driver’s side of the victim’s car, and bash the window in approximately five times.

MSN reported that the driver then headed back into his Yukon, and drove away.

But, the story doesn’t end there. In an attempt to get the truck’s license plate information, Asbaghi then followed the Yukon. A bit of a chase later, and the Yukon stopped; and this is where things get a bit uglier. The chauffeur driver proceeded to get out of the vehicle, grab a long, pole-like black object from the truck, and once again try and bash Asbaghi’s car window in. Thankfully video was shot of the second portion of the attack, which also included more information on the Yukon that was driven, including its license plate.

While no charges were laid, as technically no one was hurt, and there were no damages to the Asgaghi’s vehicle; LAPD did make the drivers exchange info, and they are currently investigating the incident. One day after the attack, L.A. Private Car, the car company who owns the Yukon and employed the driver, stated on Twitter that the driver had been fired, upon seeing the video footage of the incident.


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