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Electric Pickup On The Horizon For GM

General Motor’s CEO, Mary Barra, recently hinted that an electric pickup truck is in the planning stages for the automaker, during a recent investor’s call announcing the company’s Q1 results for 2019. While she didn’t provide specifics around which brand the model would fall under, this is still very exciting news for truck enthusiasts.

It was just this past January, during a CNBC interview that Motor 1 revealed GMC’s VP Duncan Aldred stated the potential around a GM electric truck, noting it was something the company was “considering”. This new information from GM’s CEO seems to reveal that the company has thought it over and is moving forward with plans.

An all-electric truck would throw GM into the onslaught of automakers that are also diving into the EV pickup spectrum. While still years away, Tesla has something in the works, while testers of the Ford EV F-150 are currently on the road – still in its early-stage prototypes.

In addition, the automaker Rivian is one that could burst into this market, sooner, with the company’s R1T arriving in-and-around 2021, and it is being reported to have the potential of a 400-mile driving range. Rivian too is testing trucks driving about; however, the company has disguised the trucks as F-150s while on the road. Interestingly enough, Rivian has been given $500-million investment from Ford recently, as the two companies announced collaboration plans to develop a vehicle on the company’s skateboard platform. It’s important to note that a launch date for this product has not been revealed as of yet.

While no one should expect a GM electric truck on the market for a while, the good news is that the company has a few years to come up with something, as its above competitors also don’t have anything that will be released anytime soon either.

GM plans to create this new EV pickup via an enhanced Chevrolet Bolt chassis at the automaker’s Orion, Michigan facility. Word has it that it could very well be a crossover.


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