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Electric Vespa Scooters Hitting The Market Soon


Scooters are all the rage these days, as people look for an environmentally friendly way to get from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’. While many are now turning to electronic versions of these methods of transportation, in order to further their eco-friendly ways, there are a plethora of models to choose from. Well, unless you are a fan of the iconic scooter, Vespa. The most popular of the scooter spectrum, the Vespa has always run on gas since the day it was released, making it hard for those Vespa fans, who are turning to electronic autos options, to reach for one.
That is, until now.

As it seems with any upswing on a trend, the Vespa brand is now catching up to the electronic phenomena. The Piaggio Group, the makers of the iconic Vespa, recently announced that they have dove into a project that would turn the fossil fuel-running scooter into an electric one. Dubbed the Vespa Elettrica, the scooter will now run on electricity, with a motor that can be charged up. The style is there, the sleek mobility as well, however lovers of mother earth now get a more environmentally-friendly scooter option; with the tradition look and feel that Vespa is known to bring. In addition, the company is touting that this new electric Vespa will also have ‘innovative connectivity’ options, but has not yet outlined what these solutions will be; however, one can only imagine!

MSN reported that the Piaggio Group’s electronic Vespa will be hitting the market at some point in 2017, likely nearing the second part of the year. The price around the handy-dandy Elettrica was not revealed, although there is a good chance it will be at the high end of the scooter’s pricing spectrum, with reports indicating it may cost in and around several thousand dollars plus. In general, electronic autos tend to be costlier than their gas-loving original models. Meanwhile it may be harder to move these scooters at a higher price. Still, for those who love the Vespa and the environment, the price may be a fair trade for what they are getting (connectivity gadgets included).

This should be an interesting auto development, once the Vespa (price and all) is finally revealed.