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Elevated Bus In China Promises To Help With Traffic


Officials in China recently debut the first Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), which can straddle around traffic, on a 300-meter-long track, separated from the road. The bus was given a test run in early August, soaring through the streets of Qinhungdao, and passed with flying colors.

MSN reports that the bus is 72 feet long, and can hold about 300 people; with the ability to connect four of these TEBs together, in one single run. It is important to note: only one of the vehicles were used for the test run.
The goal for the bus, is to help with traffic; designed so that it can still continue to keep going, and help avoid traffic during stops – aimed at dealing with the ever-increasing congestion issues that are plaguing some major cities in China, currently.

The area were bus passengers are seated, rises well above other cars on the road, allowing vehicles to pass underneath bus; keeping the flow of traffic, on both ends, moving nicely; even while passengers get off at their stops. As Song Youzhou, chief engineer stated, the bus will save a lot of space on the road. Youzhou also noted that the bus contraption is much more cost-effective to produce, versus an underground trains concept. He also mentioned that the TEB could be developed and launched far quicker than a subway system, due to the simple nature of how the transport vehicle supports China’s current infrastructure.

The beauty of the TEB is that cars can also move under the contraption, whether it is moving or not. Even better … it is electric powered, which will ultimately be so much better for the environment. Song added that one TEB could substitute approximately 40 traditional buses; and that could produce additional savings for China, in the long run.

In late May of this year, at the 2016 China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, an innovative vehicle that is referred to as the land airbus, also was launched for the first time to the public.