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Elon Musk Says Model Y & Pickup On Tesla’s Horizon


What up next for Tesla? Elon Musk hopped on Twitter recently to address his company’s clients stating that an electric pickup truck is on the horizon, after a Tesla Model Y (a compact crossover Musk has been promising with an unknown release date) is released.

Autoblog reported that he hit the social media platform on Boxing Day 2017 to thank clients for their faith in Tesla and requested feedback around improvement. Musk also stated that there is already a core design and engineering elements on top of mind for a truck, which he is ‘dying’ to build. He added in the tweet that the new truck just might be larger than a F-150.

This isn’t the first time a Tesla pickup has been teased. Musk hinted about this last November amidst a reveal of the electric semi-truck and a shocking announcement for a next-generation sports car Roadster. Musk has also said the vision he’s had for the pickup is a truck with sports car performance, along with additional towing and carry capacity power.

When it comes to the Model Y, Tesla’s CEO told analysts and investors recently that the vehicle would be based on the platform of the Model 3, which would help release it to the market quick in order to meet SUV demands. Still, Musk has made it clear that the Model Y wouldn’t land for a few years, with a potential 2019 date thrown around.

While a pickup truck and Model Y are not entirely new concepts for Tesla, Musk’s tweet does make them additional commitments for a company that already has a stacked to-do list. They are currently working on fixing the bottlenecks in production and an all-around ramp up in assembly for the Model 3. Add in a production line for a semi and trying to sort out the details of where to manufacture it, as well as a Roadster … and well, Tesla has its hands full. They also have opening a facility in China, potentially launching a Model Y crossover, plus pickup truck – all within the next few years – on their plate too. Tesla certainly has high goals to hit in 2018 and a lot of promises to fulfill.

Can they do it? Only time will tell.