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Elon Musk Tweets Taking Over Production Of Model 3


Tesla’s head honcho, Elon Musk, recently hopped on Twitter, as he always does, to talk about some changed to Model 3’s production efforts. As most know, the Model 3 has had a tremendous amount of issues around production, from the get-go. Regardless, it turns out, Musk will be overseeing this project from here on out, taking that responsibility away from Doug Field, ex-Apple executive.

Not a huge surprise considering the debacle that has been going on when it comes to the Model 3’s production, where numbers are far lower than target goals, and this is just adding to Tesla’s overall massive problems as of late: downgraded credit, the company’s stock prices decreasing, as well as the fatal autopilot-related crash of the Model X.

The good news for Field is he isn’t being given the ax, rather, as per Musk, he’s be placed on the vehicle design team where his skills will be better utilized. Field hopped on the Tesla wagon in 2013 and has reportedly been a very instrumental player on the team.

As per CNBC reports, Model 3’s production is approximately 20% below where it should be at, and there is a hope that Nevada’s Gigafactory 1 new manufacturing line can alleviate some of the bottlenecks in production that have been keeping the Model 3 from hitting its targets.

Still, adding to the Model 3’s woes are not only manufacturing delays, but also the fact that owners who have their cars already are not quite happy with the quality of elements and the fit of the vehicle’s body panels. The company needs to address these issues as well.

Here’s hoping that placing Musk in charge of production will get things moving at Tesla so that the company can finally turn things around and move forward from this Model 3 mess.