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Elon Musk Tweets About A Tesla Pickup

There’s nothing Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, loves doing more than hitting social media, namely Twitter, when it comes to reaching out to his public. Recently, he tweeted about the company developing a pickup truck, something he hasn’t been shy about revealing recently at events; and this time when he was talking about the pickup concept, he was looking for some feedback.

Musk tweeted looking for suggestions that folks would like to see in a pickup truck, mainly stating that he did have somethings in mind, but was looking for ideas around small, yet important, features that would perk people’s interest when it came to this type of vehicle.

Interesting to pool the public on what sort of things would distinguish a Tesla pickup from the competition. In another tweet, mere minutes after the first, Musk gave a brief rundown about what the public could expect from a Tesla truck on the horizon. As he posted, the model would have all-wheel drive, a dual motor, with suspension that adjust dynamically for loads; he also added the pickup would have ‘crazy torque’, and noted all these features would be standard.
He also added that the truck would parallel park automatically with 360-degree cameras, and sonar; adding that the ‘t’rear gate’ would rotate and a four-bar link would drop closely to the ground, as most larger trucks have theses days.

Car and Driver reported that it seems like Tesla may have all its ducks lined up well when it comes to this new model venture; however, if you are fan of pickups and think buying Tesla would be a great choice, don’t start saving up for this truck just yet. With the recent delays the company has experienced around its Model 3 car, you may be waiting a very long time.

While the pickup concept sounds fantastic, getting autos from blueprints to the road hasn’t been Tesla’s strong suit as of late.


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