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FB’s Sandberg To Germany: Social Media Site Isn’t Making Cars


Sheryl Sandberg, better known as social media site Facebook’s CEO, recently took the time to reassure the automakers in Germany, stating that FB is not interested in competing with them. Obviously setting the tone for a humorous speech, Sandberg stated that the social media site is the only Silicon Valley company not building vehicles right now. The comment was received with applause and laughter during the Frankfurt motor show opening, where Sandberg met Angela Merkel, German Chancellor.

Rueters reported Facebook sponsored ‘new mobility world’ during the show in Frankfurt, which brought together tech companies, auto manufacturers, as well as start-ups in the divisions of electric vehicles and self-driving cars. Her visit to the country came after Germany’s parliament passed a law this summer to bring in fines 50 million EUR if social media sites did not promptly take down postings that were hateful in nature.

Facebook has recently tightened rules on who can make advertising money within its social media site and has made it more difficult for those ‘fake news’ providers and sensational headline makers when it comes to cashing in. FB has also stated that it plans on stepping up its game when it comes to monitoring hate posts, with an addition of 3,000 content reviewers to the organization. This close to doubles the amount of its existing members in this division.

During her speech, Sandberg stated that the social media site is joining an Munich urban mobility test project with start-ups and automakers and that Facebook would be sponsoring a new Berlin university that has a focus on digital product development.

There are currently 30 million active Facebook users in the country, from the 80 million population. The social media site is running a huge advertising campaign within Germany around control of personal data and privacy, hoping to address some concerns around these areas as of late.