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First Tesla Model 3 Hits Craigslist At $150,000


Looking for a used vehicle to help you get from point A to point B? What about the first-ever used Tesla Model 3 up for sale? If you are nodding ‘yes’, at the idea of getting behind this vehicle, currently with a reservation list to purchase, then you will want to make sure you have an extra $150,000 kicking around.

Recently reported in Electrek, the first used Tesla Model 3 has popped up out of Monterey, California via a Craigslist post. The seller is stating that the car only has 2,000 miles on it, with a battery that lasts 310 miles (much like any other Model 3). Additional features that the seller has focused on includes: an upgraded sound system, panoramic glass roof, as well as ‘Aero’ wheels.

Why would the seller be trying to get rid of such a gem? The poster has stated that they are in a ‘unique’ situation which has spurred the Craiglist listing in the first place. The only Model 3s currently riding the open roads were produced for early reservation holders and are in a class of their own; with a majority of them being (if not all) staff of the company. Which explains why the vehicle is listed for three times what the Model 3 costs, at whopping $150,000. It important to note: the car is most likely not eligible for the federal tax credit of $7,500, as the car is already registered. If you are dishing out over a hundred grand as it is, this is something you’ll want to consider.

Perhaps there is an employee over at Tesla who needs to square off some serious debt or are in a crazy jam. Regardless, this may be the only ‘used’ Model 3 up for sale right at this point in time, so for anyone who wants to skip on waiting for the highly-anticipated car … this may be a good chance to do so.