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Florida Man Tries To Jump Canal With Toyota Corolla, Fails Miserably


Who didn’t want to be Luke or Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard back in the ‘80s? Those car chases and car jumps seemed so unreal. Probably, because they were! Still, it seems like a man from Florida took these ideas a little too far recently … with a Toyota Corolla no less.

The Drive released that Southwest Florida officials reported that they pulled out a demolished Corolla from a canal in the region after a driver tried to jump a 20-foot (watery) gap.

Tried is the key word here folks, as he failed, miserably!

As funny (and crazy) as this entire story is, the idea is a bit scary as well. Witnesses have reported seeing a man driving a blue Corolla right to the edge of the Lehigh Acres’ canal. He stopped, got out of the car, looked over at the canal (to assess whether or not he could cross it), pondered the idea, and went back into his car. Apparently thinking he could in fact jump it … Bo Duke-style, of course!

The man would proceed to pull the car in reverse some ways, hit his foot on the gas, and then gun the Corolla back towards the canal.

He never made it across.

It’s important to note that there is a bridge some blocks back that spans the canal, for drivers who need it. Why the man chose such dramatic measures to cross it in this fashion is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

The silver-lining in all this was that the driver was not injured. The Toyota Corolla was another story and seemingly the true victim, as it was totaled. The man, unnamed, was also not charged after the incident. Which most likely indicates that he was not drunk while deciding to take the plunge, just that he is in the habit of making poor life choices.
Bo and Luke would be so disappointed …