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Could ‘Flying Cars’ Really Be A Thing?


With technology booming in the auto industry it seems like in just a few years we’ll have cars driving themselves on public roads.

But, what about cars flying above? reports that the auto manufacturer Audi has partnered up with design and engineering firm Italdesign, as well as plane maker Airbus, to develop an electric micro-car that can bypass road traffic and fly the friendly skies.

Audi Board Member for Procurement and President of Italdesign, Dr. Brend Martens chimed in on the collaboration by saying that new concepts are required when it comes to mobility within cities and the diverse needs of people. This micro-car is referred to as Pop.Up, and Martens noted that it could change urban life moving forward.

Pop.Up made its debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show recently and is fully electric, with an automatic modular concept that could be described as an uber-light two-seat cabin that could fly throughout an urban area, over buildings and such, via a four-propeller drone. It’s the more recent version of Pop.Up, with the first concept debuting at last year’s Geneva show.

Over the past 12 months, collaborators have worked hand-in-hand to gather thought leaders, governments, and other stakeholders to the project; with Audi joining the team to help with automation and battery technology. During that time Italdesign and Airbus have worked on decreasing the weight of Pop.Up, refining the coupling mechanisms on the air and road modules, and fine-tuning the aerodynamics when it came to cabin and rotor ducks to decrease the consumption of power and enhance performance.

This second-generation Pop.Up is thus lighter and redesigned to include a 49-inch screen that will work as an instrument panel. Those within will control Pop.Up’s system via touch or voice, with face/eye recognition technology.

While that sounds incredible, Pop.Up’s next generation might just blow your mind. Among other refinements, it will include a full autonomous control system; with Audi offering all the expertise to help hit this next step.