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Ford Car Rats Out Its Owner


A Florida woman was oh-so close to escaping prosecution for a car accident last week, however her Ford ended up ratting her out, by calling the police on her. A Port St. Lucie, FL, resident recently reported that someone had rear-ended her and drove away. Approximately the same time, the Port St. Lucie police station received an automated call from a Ford vehicle. In newer models, Ford vehicles can reach out to law authorities nearby, in the event of an accident. After the collision and its air bags deploying, the Ford ended up dialing 911, where emergency responders called Cathy Bernstein. As the car’s owner, Ms. Bernstein then told the dispatcher that she had been hit, and the driver simply left the scene. Cathy went on to say she was okay, and had not hit anything with her vehicle.

According to MSN, Cathy told the 911 responder that everything was okay, and that (the driver), ‘hit her, and did not turn,’. When the 911 operator tried to clear up the situation, Bernstein then denied she had been in an accident. As police had a feeling something was off, they visited Bernstein’s home, to further investigate. What they found, was that the Ford was not lying, however its owner was. The vehicle’s airbag had been deployed, because there was heavy damage in the car’s front end (not back end, as Bernstein had claimed), and silver paint specks that matched the car of the initial hit-and-run that was reported to the police.

While Bernstein tried to recover with a flip-flopped story, she eventually came clean about lying, and admitted to the previous hit-and-run accident, and fleeing the scene. Thanks to her Ford ratting her out, Bernstein was placed in jail for fleeing the accident scene.