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Ford Might Be Purchasing Long-Abandoned Detroit Train Station


As per reports, Ford is sitting on the idea of purchasing the long-abandoned Michigan Central Station, a huge and well-known train station located in Detroit.

With this not only comes the speculation around purchase itself, but what the company would be planning on doing with Michigan Central.

Jalopnik reported that it’s likely the automaker has shown interest in the property as a potential suitor, with ideas to build a new Detroit campus off the cusp of Ford’s announcement regarding a new neighborhood area for its electric and autonomous car teams.

Which would be an exciting revelation, as the old train station is currently used only for wedding photos and other photography backdrop scenery. The idea that Ford might be interested in developing around or within the train station adds some new life to Michigan Central and surrounding neighborhoods.

But will Ford, or won’t Ford, purchase the old station? Nothing has been confirmed as of yet; however, the great-grandson to Henry Ford, Edsel B. Ford II, confirmed that the company’s board of directors have been briefed on the idea to purchase the old train station and voting should determine a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the deal in and around May 10th.

While Michigan Central is a stunning piece of architecture, it is located close to Corktown, an aging working-class community. Still, a renovation on the train station would be a huge boost, not only for that area, but Detroit itself.

Nothing has been set in stone as of yet, and there is only speculation around Ford purchasing this building. One roadblock could be the Moroun family, current owners of the site; who also have a reputation when it comes to Detroit City residents. No one would be surprised if they pulled a ‘no go’ on this deal at the last minute.

Either way, here’s hoping that new life is brought into a train station that is beloved by many within Detroit, so it can be enjoyed by future residents in the coming years.