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Ford Reveals ‘Dallas Cowboys’ Edition Of F-150


If you love football and Ford pickups, you may want to read more if this story … maybe only if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, that is. The auto company has recently developed a limited-edition Ford F-150 pickup, dedicated to the Dallas Cowboys (donning the football franchise’s badges on the vehicle and all).

With only 400 of these Dallas Cowboy-loving F-150’s being produced in total, the Texas dealerships they will be available is reportedly a closely vetted group, hand-picked by Ford. Each pickup will have the foundation of Ford’s F-150 XLT with Chrome Package, and all will come with the signature shade of silver as the paint (you know, that tone of silver that looks very much like the helmet of Dallas Cowboy player, quarterback Tony Romo).
Are you sold yet?

Okay … well there’s more. Remember those badges mentioned above? You can find the Dallas Cowboy logo on the limited-edition F-150’s tailgate, and doors as well. The truck will also come with added Cowboys stars upon its 20-inch wheels and bed mat. In fact, the pickup also comes donned with a blue and white stripe on top of the rocker panel, as well as a plaque within its interior signed, by none other than Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ team owner. On and an interior plaque signed by team owner Jerry Jones. And, of course, what would a limited-edition Dallas Cowboys’ Ford be without custom-made floor mats? Seriously, this truck is stacked.

MSN reported that the ultimate gift (or prized possession) for any avid Dallas Cowboy’s fan, this truck is actually not the first time Ford has teamed up with the football franchise to develop a unique truck, such as this one. In fact, it was just over two decades ago that the two came together to collaborate on and create yet another F-150 of its kind, during those Cowboy glory days when Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman ruled the roost.

So, while a price was not listed for the truck, one can only guess that Ford will be making a pretty penny on this limited-edition. While the Cowboys may not be America’s ‘football team’ anymore, they are still adored in their home state, and there’s nothing Texans love more than their Dallas Cowboys … and pick up trucks that is.