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French Bulldog Rescued By JetBlue Crew Thanks To Oxygen Mask


This is a feel-good story for all you dog lovers out there. JetBlue crew recently saved a French bulldog while traveling the friendly skies, thanks to some fast thinking by the airline’s staff.
Darcy, a three-year-old French bulldog, was recently on a flight headed to Massachusetts from Florida with its owners Steven and Michelle Burt. The dog began exhibiting distress signs, as Darcy’s tongue started to turn blue and the pup was having a hard time breathing.

The crew took immediate steps and brought in an oxygen mask to help.

Owner Michelle posted on Facebook stating that while everyone is affected by oxygen fluctuations and cabin pressure (be it felines, canines, or even humans), the fact that the flight attendants were so responsive in the situation could have saved the dog’s life.

The dog was treated for lack of oxygen within the body, medically known as hypoxia. Darcy’s owner placed the oxygen mask over her face and within minutes the dog was once again alert, and some time later didn’t need the mask at all. Owner Michelle truly believes it was JetBlue’s crew members that saved Darcy’s life. Burt also thanked JetBlue and their crew for their assistance with Darcy during the flight. reported that JetBlue released a statement about Darcy’s flight incident, which may have turned out terrible had the flight staff not reacted the way they did.

A majority of air carriers don’t allow French bulldogs to fly within cargos due to the respiratory issues that are linked to this type of breed. They are more susceptible to respiratory problems due to their short-nosed dog classification, often referred to as brachycephalic.

Short-nosed breeds have an increased risk around breathing issues and flying as they are more vulnerable when it comes to alterations in temperature and air quality.