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GM Bans Staff Use Of Smartphones While Walking Around Buildings

Somedays, it feels that our society is already wrapped in a zombie apocalypse; one where people walk around zoned out while looking at their cell phones.

Well, one company is taking a stand around smartphones and safety. Auto manufacturer General Motors (GM) has recently implemented a new and strict rule around mobile phone usage, banning texting and talking on phones while walking throughout company buildings. This includes their offices.

As per a report, Motor1 GM instituted this no-cell policy when out and about, in early 2018. At first, the rules were placed within facilities, where workers that were distracted by their phones were privy to dangerous situations (i.e. slipping on wet floors); however, since, the rule moved to offices as well, where narrow doorways, crowded hallways, and elevator doors were turning into disaster zones for those employees too concerned with their cell phones, versus what was going on around them.

As it seems, GM’s CEO Mary Barra is not even exempt from this new company rule.
GM’s VP, Global Workplace Safety, Jim Glynn, chimed in on the new policy, stating that the company has asked its employees to not text or talk while walking, as it takes attention away from potential risks.

Sadly, we live in a society where we are all tied to our mobile devices, and disasters happen everyday because people are looking at their screen, versus the world around them. And while it might be a little humorous if someone walks into a wall or co-worker while enthralled with their phone, it is not so funny when someone walks into traffic or slips somewhere and really hurts themselves, all due to their mobile device.

While some may raise their eyebrows to this new no-mobile-while-walking policy, it is great to see a company like GM take a leadership role when it comes to smartphones, their distractions, and safety precautions.


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