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GM Recalling Specific Pick Ups Due To Seat Belts

General Motors (GM) has currently called a voluntary recall on over 895,000 2014/15 GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado pickups, affecting about 1,500 vehicles across the United States. The reason? The (flexible) steel cable connecting from the seat belt can wear down and disconnect itself over the years; and this is largely due to the driver bending it when entering the vehicle.

MSN reported that GM noticed the problem when reviewing warranty data, and the good news is there has been no injuries, fatalities, or even accidents when it comes to this recall issue.

For those pickups in the field, dealers need to make the side shield opening larger, and then insert a pusher bracket on the tensioner, or potentially replace the tensioner gathering all together.

As a result of the recall, GM has halted sales of about three thousand new 2014 and 2015 trucks that still may be sitting on lots, in dealerships across America. Dealers are responsible for repairing these pickups, before delivering them to clients.

Owners of a 2014/15 Silverados and Sierras will be contacted by GM. Clients are also encouraged to check their pickup’s vehicle identification number (VIN) at the following websites to see if their truck is under this recall:


General Motors has also stated they will voluntarily recall and repair the above pick ups, within other countries’ the trucks may have been sold in, including: Mexico, Canada, as well as various nations within the Middle East and Latin America. Worldwide, the total estimated number of trucks being recalled is 1,037,982. Still the expense on this recall is not said to be significant, and is covered by the regular warranty reserves the company has.

GM has experienced similar issues before. Just last year, it recalled over 400,000 Chevrolet Malibu, model year 2011/12 due to the same cable issue.


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