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Halloween Tips For Drivers


With Halloween coming up, the streets of our communities will be flooded with little ghosts and witches looking to haunt the homes on their street for candy. According to Sharon Berlin, research analyst, AAA, Halloween can be one of the most fatal nights of the year; with pedestrian death rates quite high between the hours of 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. Sadly, previous research indicates that about 72 percent of these accidents are due to alcohol, as adults seem to like to celebrate this holiday, just as much as the kiddos.

Still, a AAA study found that an individual is twice as likely to suffer a severe injury if they are hit by a vehicle driving at 35 mph, versus only 25 mph; therefore Berlin notes to individuals, that when driving on Halloween night to slow it down, and keep an extra pair of eyes out.

Other Halloween safety tips for drivers include:

• First and foremost, do not drink under the influence of alcohol and drive.
• As it will be quite dark out, and some kids will be hard to see due to costumes; stay alert and vigilant when driving.
• Keep smartphones and all electronic devices stored away somewhere to avoid distracting emails and texts.
• Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way; keep an eye out for kids that night … they will be everywhere and can jump out of nowhere.
Yahoo reports to try and refrain from driving your kids out for trick or treating, and walk instead. However, if you must drive; buckle up every time they enter the car. Check prior to driving away … just in case. Little ones can forget to put on their seat belt due to all the Halloween excitement!
• Park in spots you won’t need to back up out of. If you have no choice, have an adult in a safe area outside of the car to help navigate you out of your spot, and to ensure there are no children around your car when you do so.

With some of these driving tips, you and all drivers on the road, can ensure everyone has a Happy Halloween!