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Herbie Volkswagen Sells For Over $86,000


This past week, the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle featured in the Disney franchise films, Herbie, was sold in an auction for over $86,000. The vehicle sold was used in the Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, and Herbie Rides Again movies.
As one of the most beloved and recognizable cars in history, the Herbie car was the only automobile ever asked to leave its tire print in cement at the famous Hollywood landmark, Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Which makes it no wonder that someone would drop a large sum of money, for such a famous Beetle.

As Herbie had a personality of his own, the car was originally altered for filming to allow for a driver to maneuver the vehicle from the back seat. MSN reported that pulleys and gears were added in the back, so that someone could drive the car, yet not be seen while filming; adding to the illusion that the vehicle drove itself. The car had been missing for decades, and then found in a Florida warehouse some years back, and now has been sold via an auction.

Herbie was placed in a Bonhams and Turner Classic Movies auction in New York, and participated in a special auction titled, Treasures from the Dream Factory.

According to Sports Car Market, the winning bid has placed the car as the most valuable VW Beetle ever sold, beating the runner up, ’55 Cabrio which sold for a little over $82,00 at Amelia Island, about a year ago. This very same Herbie Beetle surpassed its last sale of over $55,000, which happened on less than a year from this purchase, on eBay. Which means a pretty penny was made by the owner, proving that some vehicles, especially ones that can drive themselves, can actually end up providing a profit to automobile owners.