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Honda Develops Motorcycle That Will Not Fall Over

Every new motorcyclist has one recurring fear: dropping said motorcycle over during a low-speed turn or at a stop sign. Sure, it is easy to keep your motorcycle upright while you are cruising along a road, however some circumstances can bring it to a tumble – and that can be scary to a beginner or even avid biker. Alas, Honda has come up with a new self-balancing concept that can keep a bike upright, even when at stop or low-speed crawl.

First shown at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas, the Honda Riding Assist System is simple and brilliant. When the driver is engaged, the system heightens at a fork angle, which expands the motorcycle’s wheelbase, thus separating the front forks from the bike’s handlebars.

The concept then uses minute-steering responses to keep the motorcycle balanced, without the need to use weighted gyroscopes or alternative mass-shifting gadgets. The bike that was demonstrated at the show can potentially push itself along, following next to the driver much like a dog would on a daily walk.

The auto company states the technology was produced as a subsidiary to their Uni-Cub, Honda’s neat little self-balancing concept around a mobile unicycle. During their CES demo, the company also exercised their Riding Assist System, by having a bike come out on its own onstage, accompanied by the little Uni-Cub behind it. Must have been a cute sight to see.

MSN reported that before motorcycle enthusiasts get too excited, the auto maker hasn’t released any plans of placing the Riding Assist System in production; still, it would not shock anyone if the technology popped up in a Honda motorcycle model in the near future. It certainly does have a futurist wave to it, despite the fact that it is not self-driving or autonomous. Still, the system would help any new motorcyclists out there or any biker struggling when it came to slowing down at an angle or stop … or those who have issues when navigating through parking lots.


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